We are now starting our inventor report in 5th grade! As long as you stay with us and try hard, you will do great! This page will be updated step by step as we go along. So - make sure to keep checking here if you have any questions!

List of inventors to choose from:

  • Your chosen inventor is due: Thursday, January 12th

And the research begins!

  • You need 4 or more sources for this report - magazines, books, internet sources, movies (the more the better!)
  • At least ONE must be a book.
  • For internet sources - write the entire web address on the printed page. MUST PRINT OUT PAGES

  • Below are internet sources for you to use. You must have ALL of your sources ready by


All four (or more) of your resources (book included!) are due T

Recommended Internet Sites for Inventor Reports

www.infohio.org(login: infohiopassword: power)







Now to the note cards!

  • Students are now taking the information from their sources and putting them on to their note cards. They were shown exactly how to set these up in class, but below you can click on the power point in case you need a reminder.
  • We will work on note cards Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Notecard set up: Side 1 - Upper Left label card with Section/Upper right label card with name and homeroom Side 2: Resource
  • All note cards (10 facts per each section - Inventor's Life, Invention, Importance of Invention) are due
                        • Inventor's Life notecards due Th (class time has been given)
                        • Invention notecards d (class time has been given)
                        • ALL due M (class time has been given)


  • The outline for your paper will be very important when you begin your rough draft of your research report. We will work on the rough draft in class, and it will be due

----> Ready for the rough draft!
  • We are now working on the rough draft of our paper. We began the first paragraph rough draft in class on Tuesday (1/26). It will be due:
                                      • Wedn

    . Next week we will finish the rough draft and begin editing. The students will then have to have a parent help edit and sign their rough draft and rubric.

  • The final edited rough draft SIGNED by parents and edited is due:
    • Thu

  • Helpful Editing Resources

Transition Handout:


Editing Stations:
◦ Underline intro sentences in each paragraph with orange
▪ Paragraph 1: Do you have a creative or interesting introduction to your paragraph? Does it make the reader want to know more?
▪ AVOID: I am going to tell you a story... Here is my story...etc.
▪ Paragraph 2-5: Does EVERY SINGLE paragraph have an intro sentence (general statement about the topic)?
◦ Put a dot by each of the supporting details in each paragraph - does each one have to do with your topic sentence?
▪ Are they in the right order?
▪ Are the sentences detailed and well written? Are some sentences taken directly from your research 2, 3, & 4?
◦ Underline conclusion sentences in each paragraph
▪ Does it summarize the ENTIRE paragraph?
◦ Conclusion paragraph: Does it answer the question - Why does this all matter?

WORD CHOICE (highlighter)
  • Find and highlight 3-5 words (adjectives or verbs) or sentences and make them better using a thesaurus or more detailed, precise wording tool to make them all star words?!

  • Make sure your sentences flow - read to self with whisper phones making corrections when needed (choppy sounding, rearrange words, make sentence better)
  • Read to partner - have them stop your reading if anything sounds "weird" or doesn't make sense

  • Check all - spelling, capitalization (COMMAS), paragraph indented, subject/verb agreement